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Heaven & Earth is your holistic studio intended for self discovery & building your community of like minded Divine Sparks through meditation, metaphysical, psychic, intuitive, wellness & spiritual experiences.  Dedicated to holding sacred space for your intuitive, psychic, angel, mediumship, & crystal readings.  Providing holistic energy sessions such as Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, Crystal & Angel energy sessions.  Hosting a variety of wellness meditations & classes.  Providing natural health products & metaphysical tools to support your wellness, intuitive, psychic & spiritual growth. 

Wellness, Metaphysical, Psychic, Intuitive & Spiritual 

Experience events & classes to expand your consciousness & recognize your Divine Spark! Heaven & Earth’s Wellness, Spiritual, Metaphysical, Intuitive, & Psychic Development Classes are diverse.  They include but are not limited to angels, crystals, chakras, psychic, mediumship & intuitive spiritual development, reiki classes, holistic reiki for wellness energy shares, wellness meditations, mediumship development, Feng Shui, essential oils, metaphysical festivals, mindfulness, sound therapy, intuitive tarot & oracle card practice development groups, spiritual paint nights, Crystal Tones wellness sound baths, chair yoga, psychic fairs, authentic drum making workshops, several certification courses & more.  Please click here to access the Wellness, Spiritual, Metaphysical, Intuitive, & Psychic Development Classes & Events Registration Page.  Learning & experiencing with like-minded people of all experience levels. 


Holistic Energy Well-being Wellness Sessions

Heaven & Earth offers private and group Holistic Wellness Sessions.  Ask about the proprietary Healing Halo Atom Fusion sessions.  Center yourself & meditate while walking the indoor labyrinth.  Meditate or simply rest in the private Relaxation & Meditation Retreat Room featuring Halo Salt Therapy, a medical grade 3D massage chair, and the heated Himalayan Zero Gravity Chair.  Experience another step towards your well-being with a wide array of holistic energy healing modalities such as Reiki, Angel Healing & Ascended Master sessions, Integrated Energy Therapy®, Crystal & Sound therapy sessions.  Experience a Unicorn Healing® session with certified practitioner, Kellie J. Lally.    Any Holistic Energy Wellness Session may be enhanced with a heated amethyst or jade & tourmaline bio energy mat, Himalayan salt foot detox, massage relaxation goggles, sound therapy, & aromatherapy. 

Psychic, Intuitive, & Mediumship Readings

Heaven & Earth is your metaphysical experience studio offering an abundant selection of Intuitive, Psychic, & Mediumship readings.  Select from private psychic readings, gallery style intuitive psychic Angel and Ascended Master readings, psychic intuitive crystal readings, or animal communication readings. Looking to connect to a deceased loved one?   Try a heart centered mediumship reading or a psychic intuitive Angel reading. Each Intuitive Psychic Reading Kellie has ever been honored to deliver has been divinely guided. Kellie knows you are all Divine Sparks! She knows and feels, without a doubt that YOU are worthy of unconditional love. That YOU are able to communicate with your Angels & loved ones. Never doubt your ability to connect to Universal Divine Energy. How does she know this? Being a conduit, hearing & feeling and delivering all the messages from the Divine to her clients has left no room for doubt.  


Your Well-being is my Passion.

Established in early 2018, Heaven & Earth, LLC provides a sacred space for you to explore avenues of wellness.  Spiritual growth & wellness opportunities are available through Kellie’s metaphysical psychic readings including psychic Angel Readings.  Heaven & Earth also offers spiritual growth & wellness experiences with educational wellness & metaphysical events, meditations, Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), Angel Healing Therapy, Angel Readings, Intuitive Readings, Psychic Readings, Crystal Readings, & Sound Therapy, and Mediumpship.   Experience the Rest & Relaxation Meditation room or indoor labyrinth to discover the benefits of mindfulness.  At Heaven & Earth you’ll find metaphysical & wellness products to support your spiritual, psychic, intuitive & wellness journey.


Heaven & Earth LLC

16 Route 111, Building 2, Suite 5
Derry, NH 03038

Located at Brookstone Park & Event Center


Mon-Wed      By Appointment

Thurs - Fri      11am - 6pm

Saturday       10am - 6pm

Sunday         10am - 4pm   

*Also open by appointment or class, please contact us to schedule.




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