About Heaven & Earth, LLC

Curious about who we are? Well, you're in luck. Simply read how our story has unfolded below, and maybe - just maybe - you will want to be a part of our ever-evolving community of Divine Sparks!

Dedicated to providing a warm & inviting place for community to explore wellness and spirituality, Heaven & Earth opened its doors on Valentine’s Day 2018. Today Kellie, along with her team of Angels & Earth Angels, continue to be guardians of this sacred space which attracts lightworkers at the top of their craft, such as Anne Deidre, Ben Carroll of InnerSelfSustained, Casca Jolie Graham of The Tranquil Garden Academy, and Colleen Costella of The Celtic Medium.

Many of its visitors enjoy private experiences which include individual sessions. These sessions are offered in a wide range of healing and reading modalities which include, but are not limited to: Angels, Animal Communication, Astrology, Crystals, Halo Salt Therapy, Indoor Walking Labyrinth, Integrated Energy Technique (IET), Intuitive/Psychic, Mayan Medicine, Medical-grade Massage Chairs, Mediumship, Palmistry, Reiki, Rover Reiki, Sound Therapy with Crystal Tones® Alchemy Bowls, Spirit Art, Tarot, and Therapeutic-heated Himalayan Zero Gravity Chairs. While others enjoy more public experiences of these same modalities through a wide range of in-person and online events through the Studio's classes, workshops, certification courses, meditation events, and mediumship & angel galleries.

Whether you are newly awakened to your Spiritual path or have been actively exploring for years, Heaven & Earth will have something for you too! Come join us and discover how you are already a part of the community of Divine Sparks.

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