The journey to Heaven & Earth began with a myriad of synchronicities. 


Melissa and Kellie had been neighbors for several months and knew each other primarily as “Moms.” After bringing their kids to school one spring morning, they met at a local coffee shop where the first seeds of Heaven on Earth were planted as they began talking about energy work.


As they connected more deeply on a soul level, Melissa and Kellie’s senses became illuminated, each sensing their angels and guides nearby. The conversation flowed effortlessly as they realized they had so much in common, including their interest in crystals, essential oils, angels, meditation, alternative energy healing modalities, and to their surprise, labyrinths. They discover they were both in the process of planning labyrinths in their own back yards!

They were long-lost friends reuniting and speaking the same soul language.  A divine spark was lit. Creating a variety of experiences to nurture spiritual wellness & oneness evolved.  With the help of their angels and guides, they set ahead on their journey to bring you ... Heaven & Earth.

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