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Wellness treatments offer an array of benefits. Although everyone is different you may expect to feel a sense of peace. A soul felt willingness to let go of the past and move into the future with positivity. Clients have also reported physical relief of aches and pains such as headaches or backaches. A feeling of self love and more importantly self-acceptance. The volume on any situational anxiety may be turned down. You will feel more connected to your body, spirit, & soul. You may expect to feel a deep peace while anchoring yourself in the “present”. Perhaps you’ll even feel like you’ve been reintroduced to yourself as your energy is cleared and balanced for your highest and best. Wellness sessions are ideal for anyone, partially for those of you who continually give of yourself, put yourself last, are healers, feel great and want to continue feeling great.

The short answer is literally any type of session or reading you find yourself drawn to or curious about.

If you enjoy crystals try one of our crystal sessions. If you are drawn to Angels, I'd recommend an IET® session. Reiki is always a wonderful choice for everyone. Do you have an affinity for Unicorns? We even have a Unicorn Practitioner to facilitate a wonderful healing session for you. The benefit of Himalayan salt are fabulous so how about a session in our Crystal Rest & Relaxation room which includes a heated Himalayan salt lounger. My favorites are the Healing Halo session with Kellie which offers a bit of everything and the Energy Infusion w Sharon sessions which combine readings and healings.

Occasionally we offer a sampler evening when you’ll have the opportunity to experience multiple “mini” sessions. Feel free to check out the calendar. If one is not scheduled, reach out as we may be able to schedule one for you.

Feel free to update your appointment online 24 hours or longer ahead of your scheduled time using the link provided in your confirmation email. Should you be within that 24-hour our window, please notify by phone or email. Refunds are considered on a case-by-case basis, but are not given if cancelled within 24 hours.

Most sessions occur on a massage table with a heated amethyst bio mat. We have a stool, ergonomic pillow, and bolster available for your comfort. All sessions require you to be clothed, and shoes are to be removed.

If your appointment is on a day that the Studio is open to the public, please arrive whenever you’d like and enjoy looking through our retail area. For sessions on dates the studio is closed to the public, we recommend that you arrive 10 minutes before your appointment, especially as we may be opening the Studio specifically for your appointment. Therefore, we don't want you to have to wait longer than necessary in your car prior to your session.

For events, we ask you to arrive 10 minutes before the event is scheduled to begin. This will provide ample time for you to check-in and select your seat so that we can start the event on-time, ensuring everyone gets the most out of the event.

Yes, unless you specially ask your practitioner not to. Most sessions include a light healing touch. Often times the practitioner will work in your auric field and so we absolutely are able to accommodate a hands-free request. In addition, we offer an amazing 3D massage chair which includes the option of reflexology in your hands and feet. Or relax on a heated Himalayan salt zero gravity lounger. Unless you book the room with a friend, you’re alone in the Crystalline Rest & Relaxation room with meditative music. The practitioner will show you how to use the equipment, make sure you’re comfortable, and leave the room for your relaxation.

Yes and no. There are no steps to climb to enter or access any of our rooms in the Studio. However, we do not have automatic doors or handicap rails in our restroom. If you are going to need assistance opening the doors of the Studio, please let us know and we will happily assist you.

For online and phone registration, we accept credit and debit cards using Square as our payment processor. For payment in-person at the Studio, we accept credit and debit cards using Square as our payment processor, personal checks, and cash.

First, you’ve found the right place to start or continue your journey. We believe that everyone is born with psychic abilities. Come join one of our development classes. Classes are designed with all skill levels in mind and newbies are our favorite people to work with. Our goal is to help you realize the potential that resides in you. By offering different activities you’ll confidence will grow and grow. Yes, you are psychic! Let’s have some fun practicing and learning how to use it with your highest & best well-being in mind.

Lightworkers have a strong desire to help any and all beings find their true selves, and as such, are able to connect with people on a unique level. It’s this connection - which sometimes is not even physical - that helps people in remembering just how special they are to this world and beyond.

It’s a lightworker's pure joy to lay a helping hand on your shoulder or offer you an incredible hug or share in a special moment with you for we are all Divine Sparks - every single one of us! And all of us at some time or another need to be reminded of our Divinity and how we are simultaneously one with all Divine Sparks to form the Collective Consciousness.

Divination tools are physical objects used to assist in facilitating the conversation between you and the Angels, the Ascended Master and your own personal guides. The tools most often used are oracle cards, crystals, essential oils, Crystal Tones® Singing Bowls, and pendulums, though any one of our practitioners may use their own unique tools during their sessions.

The Angels are constantly looking out for you and what is in your best interest. As such, they will not pass on messages without your consent. And, as we all have free will, the big Guy, the big Gal, Universe, Spirit, the Angels, they all cannot ignore our right to make our own choices.

In fact, the only way anyone can bring in messages from your Angels to you is with your permission. But once you grant this, your Angelic team will step in to offer their beautiful messages of love, warmth, and sometimes necessary words of a caution that are meant for you, and you alone.

You’re not alone as many people use these words in different ways. You’ll find different people using the terms in different ways. What feels right to you is your truth. At Heaven & Earth here is how we break it down:

Everyone is born intuitive. Practice these intuitive “muscles” and they become stronger, crossing into the realm of psychic abilities. Some people are already born with strong psychic muscles and others have to practice. Essentially, we are all born with the ability to be psychic. Your psychic ability allows you to tune into people, animals, the earth and perhaps understand them at a deeper level.

Using these intuitive or psychic senses allows you to communicate with your Angels. Some people believe that if you are able to communicate with Angels that you’re a medium. Still others believe that mediums are people that communicate with Spirits, deceased loved ones.

We love to provide our customers with the best services possible including customized shopping experiences.

Yes, however 24 hours advanced notice is typically needed.

Crystals used in your session may or may not be available for purchase.

If you arrive at the Studio and find a sign on our door asking you to enter quietly it is because we are currently conducting a private session for another visitor. You are welcome to come in and browse our gift shop quietly until the session is over.

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