Our Special Guests

In addition to our resident lightworkers, we also welcome others to share their talents & abilities with our community. Below is a list of these lightworkers.

Adam is a gentle and calm soul who finds joy in helping others. Having practiced martial arts since 1994, he felt a special connection with the art of Tai Chi, and later Qigong. In 2018 Adam pursued education in several healing modalities, earning his license in Massage Therapy, and certifications in Acupressure, Reiki, and Qigong healing and teaching. He became especially passionate with his Acupressure studies, where the focus was on chronic pain and emotions, as well as working with trauma. Adam can incorporate this into his massage and energy work to give clients a holistic healing experience. Adam believes strongly a person's innate ability to heal themselves in mind, body, and spirit; which is why he prefers to be called a "health helper" and not a healer. Adam will help you recognize what is causing your "dis-ease" and help empower you to take charge of finding your own energetic balance. Adam holds licenses and certifications in: · Massage therapy · Acupressure through Golden Needle Wellness · Acupressure Mastery course with Michael Reed Gach · Usui Reiki · Dan Ming Qigong energy healing · Dan Ming Qigong for dynamic happiness

Guest, Lightworker & Teacher

An experienced Psychic Medium, Judith Anne specialize in communicating with loved ones who have passed on to the spirit world and in reading the Akashic Records. With over 14 years of experience as a professional medium, she has studied Advanced Mediumship at the Arthur Findley College of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences in Essex, England, and has been a student of world renowned medium, Tony Stockwell of Great Britain, as well as other notable mediums in the greater New England area. Judith Anne is also one of the original readers at Winnekenni Castle in Haverhill, MA, which is a venue known for offering readings by some of the best psychics and mediums in the Merrimack Valley.

For more information about Judith Anne, please visit her website: Judith Anne Psychic Medium.

Guest, Lightworkers & Teachers

Sharing a robust love for life, Amanda and Kristen strongly believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to explore their personal spirituality, free of the stigma of it being "woo-woo". In fact their own journey of spirituality led them to create Soul Fit Creations, LLC! This soulful company is dedicated to provding unique products, apparel, workshops and online programs that inspire self-awareness, self-expression, connection with others, and overall personal wellness.

Experiencing first hand how powerful developing a deep connection to yourself and others can be, Amanda & Kristen are dedicated to sharing the practices that have become so vital to their own journey with others. One of these practices includes daily journaling, and they are excited to be sharing their unique method of this honored practice with you through Heaven & Earth, LLC.

Guest, Lightworker

A gifted psychic medium & clairvoyant empath, Michelle is kind, funny and knowledgeable - with 40+ years experience as an intuitive practitioner. Born with the gift of sight, she has been taught and practices in the "old ways", as well as, lectures on the paranormal, auras, helping with illness, and how to find direction in one's life. Well-known throughout New England, Michelle offers private readings in tarot, tea leaves, palms and mediumship, and participates in public demonstrations of mediumship.

Guest, Lightworker & Teacher

In 2008, Peter was introduced to Reiki and by 2009 became a Reiki master. He became impressed with how rapidly Reiki could help patients relax. Moreover, as soon as patients could learn to relax, they could rapidly self-improve from a number of musculoskeletal issues, like headaches, TMJ dysfunction, and back pain.

In 2011, he was introduced to the Melchizedek Method and realized that he needed to learn more about the different modalities in energy work. Over the next several years, he became a master/teacher of Holy Fire/Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Lightarian Reiki, Magnified Healing Levels 1 through 3, and all five levels of the Melchizedek Method. Moreover, he completed Advanced Level One of CranioSacral Therapy with the Upledger Institute. He became a Master Trainer in Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) in 2017.

Peter believes that energy work is becoming a more important part of traditional health care. He brings his extensive knowledge of physics, anatomy and physiology to his energy work healing and teaching. His goal is to help his clients achieve balance through a combination of structural bodywork and energy work. He currently provides home visits to help his patients heal the physical, mental/emotional, and energetic components of their ailments in order to help them heal completely. He teaches Reiki and IET at North Shore Community College in Danvers, MA and at Heaven & Earth Studio in Derry, NH.

Guest, Lightworker

Raised in the Native American Tradition of the Haudenosaunee, Zelda's grandmother and other elders were her first teachers in the traditions and sacred ways of the Kahnawaka Mohawk. Her Spirit gifts include being a spiritual intuitive, spirit guided healer, author, visionary, and creator of sacred space. She uses crystal bowls, drums, and rattles to promote healing through sound vibrations. In 2012 she was guided her to create the Sacred Dream Circles Project resulting in "The 21 Council of the Blue Star".

For more information about Zelda, please visit zeldahotaling.com.

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