How Intuitive Angel Readings Work

I’s all about energy and spirituality.  The Universe  is comprised of energy. Energy is all around us. It is in every single thing we touch. Every object is made of atoms and molecules that all vibrate and bond together to form objects. Every object continues to vibrate within its molecular structures.


Understanding these basic universal truths allows us to understand how inherent the concepts of energy, vibration, and frequency exist within our Universe.  Angels communicate with us through vibrations of energy. There are five basics psychic senses that we use to detect messages the Angels are passing through to us. Each and every single one of us has the ability to receive messages from our Angels.


We all have senses referred to as the clairs available to us. It is simply a matter of opening yourself up to allow or recall how to use these senses.  Remembering how to access information through these clairs is likely key to unlocking more of what our brain is capable of.

For those who have remembered how to use their own clairs, it is often times challenging to interpret the messages they’ve received regarding their own lives. Most cases we are very much attached to the outcome of the questions we find ourselves asking. Therefore, having an objective interpreter, to facilitate the conversations between you and your Angels often yields clearer and more accurate messages.

An Angel Intuitive is able to communicate with the Angels because the Angels allow them to connect with their energy, sending their messages and loving guidance through the use of symbols and patterns that are seen clairvoyantly, or in the mind’s eye. An Angel Intuitive may also connect to the Angel messages clairaudiently, which simply means they hear the Angelic messages – be it in the physical world or through my mind’s ear.

The Angels provide Angel Intuitives with the ability to receive their messages through other clairs of claircognizance or “clear knowing” and clairsentience or “clear feeling”. Regardless of which of clair abilities are actively engaged during a reading, it is always quite a beautiful experience and honor to act as the interpreter between you and your Angels.

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