Angel Readings:  What  To Expect

An Intuitive Angel Reading is a conversation between you and your Angels, God, Source, Goddess, Spirit, the Divine, Universe, or whatever term you personally use in regards to universal esoteric wisdom and knowledge that is facilitated by an Angel intuitive.  

It is important to note that some people also call themselves psychics, where others identify themselves as lightworkers. What you label the facilitator is not important. What is important is that be it an intuitive, psychic, or lightworker, all of these people have the ability to connect and bring through messages from Universal Energies.

After you have given your permission for me to connect with your Angels, I will need a few moments to connect with your Angelic team using my clair abilities.  Intuitive Angel Readings typically begin with images they show me clairvoyantly during this connection period. I will describe the images to you and it is my experience the meaning isn’t always apparent to the client until they’ve had some time to reflect. As an example, the Angels once gave me the vision of a small oval with a picture inside. The client I was reading for shared that they had been contemplating selling the cameos they had been creating. I had no knowledge of this person even creating such pieces, never mind her questioning whether or not to sell them. But leave it to the Angels and their infinite wisdom to bring through this symbol to acknowledge and show their support for this client’s new endeavor!


Next, I will ask you if you have any topics or specific questions and then begin using divination tools such as Angel oracle cards to help bring through more specific messages from your Angels. Sometimes these messages will be very obvious to you, and other times additional clarification will be required. When this happens, you are able to ask questions and in some cases we’ll pull additional cards. From there, the Angels will communicate with me clairvoyantly, clairaudiently, claircogzinantly, and clairsentiently to provide you with the additional clarification you are asking for.

Sometimes the Angels will also direct me to teach you how to cut your cords, clear your chakras, and other methods of energy work. This is to empower you with rituals for good energetic hygiene. And just like you shower and brush your teeth every day to maintain good physical health, these energetic activities with regular practice help you to stay clear, centered and peaceful as you walk through your everyday life.

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