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Why Book a Session

Our pets are very sensitive to the energy of the world around them. In fact, they may be picking up on emotions you never would even consider would be a source of their “dis-ease”.

With Rover Reiki, the universal energy that flows through all living things – including your pet – will be restored to a free-flowing state of balance, relieving both physical and emotional issues which can be causing pain and behavioral issues in your pet.

Often during a Rover Reiki session, the Angels & Ascended Masters will also send messages regarding you and your pet. These messages are always supportive and provide you with additional guidance about what you can do to help your pet return to and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Rover Reiki sessions vary in length, but as animals are more open to Reiki.  So it may only take a few minutes for your pet to allow the energy into their bodies or it may take longer. 

Animals often have a low tolerance for being touched, especially if they are uncomfortable or in pain. It is for this reason that Kellie may suggest a distance session versus an in-person session as to not cause your pet more duress by placing her hands on their body. However, if you would prefer an in-person session, this may be arranged.

Rover Reiki: What to Expect

Rover Reiki sessions are performed remotely, at fundraisers, or at your residence. Rover Reiki sessions begin with a brief meditation. The meditation is instrumental in facilitating a connection with the angels that are working with you and your pet. During this meditation, Kellie asks the Angels to be present for the session, and is frequently guided to call on Saint Francis of Assisi for his assistance.

In addition to creating the energetic connection to your pet, the Angels, and Saint Francis of Assisi, Kellie may also be guided to use specific crystals during the session to help amplify the energy being worked with to channel the universal life force energy of Usui Reiki.

During an in-person session, Kellie will allow your dog to behave normally while she holds her hands anywhere from 4 inches above their body to lightly placing them on your pet.  Kellie would touch your pet for as long as they allowed, which may be a matter of minutes, seconds, or not even at all. In cases where your pet is especially skittish, she would resume the session in your presence using distance Reiki where she “draws” sacred Reiki symbols in the air to which send the energy to your pet.  She often incorporates the use of crystals to help amplify the energy being channeled.  Regardless of how long the session lasts, they always get the Reiki they need.

How It Works

It’s all about energy. The Universe is comprised of energy. Energy is all around us and flows through everything – both living and inert. The energy that flows through the living is known within Usui Reiki as “life force energy”. And when this energy is blocked, imbalances in our physical and emotional bodies create states of “dis-ease”. In your pet, this may manifest as physical discomfort or pain or as behavioral issues.

Through the practice of Usui Reiki, I will assist your pet in healing his angelic self. During a session, this universal life force energy enters your pet in the gentlest caring manner and intuitively knows where to go. It is so gentle that your pet may not even realize what is taking place until they start to feel better.

In addition to this energy healing, I also connect with both your pet’s and your own angels to bring through additional information that will assist in helping you to care for your pet’s physical and emotional wellness. Sometimes this information is about things in your pet’s physical environment such as where its favorite object has been placed out of reach or is no longer used during play. Other times, it can be information regarding your own well-being that effects them such as them picking up on your anxiety after coming home from a hard day at work.

From there the angels provide in the most supportive and loving way both the information and suggestions about what do to differently going forward. This is not to be punitive or shaming, but is solely for the purpose of returning your pet and you to state of wellness.

Mini-Rover Reiki Fundraising

With animals being so near and dear to Kellie's heart, she is also available to provide mini-Rover Reiki sessions at non-profit, fundraising events.  If you are interested in learning more or would like to ask Kellie to participate in your event, please contact her.

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