Connect with the Angelic Kingdom of Light

Join us for this weekend workshop with our special guest teacher Casca Graham!


Visiting from Europe, she will introduce you to the complete system of Angelic Reiki accessed through the Angels and Reiki symbols. Not only will Angelic Reiki change your life on a spiritual level, but on a physical & mental level too - changing your DNA, cells, and molecules while also activating your Lightbody.

Connecting to Angelic Reiki and learning the skill will:

  • support you in your own personal healing & spiritual journey through affirmation, meditation, and release of dense energies and negative self-talk, empowering you to be a more effective healer

  • open you up to your own spiritual gifts & talents and guide you to your life’s purpose

  • add another modality to your healer tool box that sets you apart from other Reiki practitioners

During this unique workshop, you will:

  • receive one-on-one guidance from Casca

  • practice this hands-on healing methodology with your fellow students

    • experience multiple healing modalities

      • as a channel

      • with intention

      • with a Master & Galactic Healers

      • Multi-dimensional Healing

  • meet your own personal Angelic Reiki Angel, as well as connect with other healing angels

  • learn how to be be a conduit for Reiki energy without having to physically draw the symbols

  • be gifted a Master crystal specially chosen and attuned for you by Casca

  • receive an Angelic Reiki manual and a practitioners certificate

Prior to the workshop, you will be sent affirmations to begin working with and it is strongly suggested that you engage in a week of clean eating before the workshop.

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What Students Are Saying About Angelic Reiki

"The meditations we use to connect with the Angels and receive the ability to be the conduit feels amazing! That initial contact happens very quickly and feels wonderful for both the practitioner and the client ... you really feel 'the Team'."

"In just a little over 2 days, I became not only certified but confident in conducting Angelic Reiki sessions in-person & remotely! And the energy that is channeled is so gentle, yet powerful at the same time."

"I had heard of Reiki before, but hadn't taken any classes in it because you need to memorize symbols and my memory for such things isn't the best. But with Anglic Reiki, I don't need to remember them. Instead, we connect to Reiki energy through the attunements we receive and our connection to the angels. So glad I took this class!"



The cost of this 3-day workshop is $444/pp. Registration requires an immediate $222 deposit to reserve your spot, and the remaining balance due in full by April 15th.

To register, click the "Register Now" button above and then click on the number "15" on our calendar. From there, you will see a pop-up menu. Select "Continue" and you will be sent to our registration page.

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop will no longer accept registrations after April 15th.

About Casca Joeline Graham


Casca is an International Angelic Reiki Master/Teacher who is passionate about empowering people to take ownership of their mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Emphasizing the importance of attending to one's "whole" being, she is devoted to supporting people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Having worked with Angels for most of her life, she offers various workshops that teach people how to connect to the Angelic Realm and incorporate the angels into their daily living. And as a mindfulness practitioner/teacher and vibrational healer, she also offers a variety of mindfulness & well-being classes, as well as, private healing sessions.

For more information about Casca, please visit her website

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