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Crystal grids are a powerful tool when connecting with your current moment in life and creating a new future. You can set your intention with the crystal grid to bring about an awareness, releasing past emotions and lastly a manifestation of your inner desires and goals. The power of a crystal grid comes from the union between the sacred geometry, healing properties of the crystals and the intention. 

Each month, a Crystal Grid will be createdCrystal Grids hold wisdom and messages for you. The Crystal Grid will be read and interpreted to bring forth messages consistent with supporting your life's journey. 


We encourage you to reflect on the Crystal Grid by taking a moment to journal your thoughts and feelings. You may be inspired by the messages you receive in your journaling. It is likely you will hear it differently than we do, and we encourage you to use your own guidance.


Utilize these Crystal Grids, Messages, & your intuition each month to focus your intention of manifesting the life you want.

Cost:  Only $4.99 per month

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Monthly Crystal Grid Readings Membership is also included in each monthly membership plan.  Click here to view all Memberships!  

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