Looking for some clarity or simply curious about the messages the Universe has for you? Well we just happen to a variety of readers to be available for 15-minute private sessions at our festival. Simply click on a name below to read more about them.

Angie D'Anjou, Psychic
Becky Coughlin, Palmistry
Carissa Sikova, Psychic
Chrissy Masterson, Mediumship
Colleen Costello, Mediumship
Dawn Drew, Mediumship
Doreen D'Antonio, Animal Communication
Eric Goldberg, Mediumship
Ethan Wasiejko, Mediumship
Judith Anne, Angels & Mediumship
Lisa Beaucher, Angels
Michelle Trahan, Mediumship
Pauline Monteiro, Angels, Tarot & Mediumship
Renée Walsh, Psychic
Rick Loomer, Angels
Sha Blackburn, Runes

Angie D'Anjou


Angie D’Anjou, is known for conveying spiritual awareness to individuals seeking enrichment and guidance. Angie was born with psychic abilities and spent years researching, understanding and developing her natural abilities. Her connection to the spiritual world has enabled her to assist thousands of others on their path to enlightenment. She offers true positive guidance to individuals, utilizing her intuitive abilities, numerology expertise and spiritual guidance.

For more information about Angie, please visit her website:

Beck Coughlin


Becky has mastered the art of palm reading with a flare of intuition. She uses palm reading to help people understand who they are innately, who they have become and where they may be headed. People can use this information to be proactive in their life; make healthier choices, follow their dreams, or change career.

For more information about Becky, please visit her website:

Carissa Sikova


Carissa is a psychic, empath, and an intuitive who offers reiki and intuitive coaching. She especially helps highly sensitive souls to connect to their higher self and unlock their healing potential.

For more information about Carissa, please visit her website:

Chrissy Masterson


Chrissy Masterson is a Psychic Medium, Intuitive Card Reader, Spiritual Coach, and Teacher. She is also one of the founding members of The Red Tent Sisterhood in Southern NH. Chrissy works with many spirit guides to deliver insightful heartfelt messages and uses many modalities to empower, heal and connect like minded people. She believes that we are all emerging, all we need to do is remember. All of her classes are taught in a “No Judgement Zone,” as we are all divine.

For more information about Chrissy, please visit her website:

Colleen Costello


Colleen is a Psychic/Medium who was born with the gift of intuition/psychic ability. It wasn't until after a near death experience, in which she met her Guardian Angel that her life changed and she felt compelled and guided by the Angels to share the Angel's messages of love and peace and to use the gifts she was blessed with to provide spiritual guidance and help. It was because of this she created "The Angelic Spirit". Through "The Angelic Spirit", she uses her lifetime experience in the Tarot, a combination of traditional and Angel Oracle Cards, along with guidance from the Angels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters (overseen by her spriit guide Archangel Michael) to guide you in solving any present difficulties in your life, whether it be spiritual, relationship, work, or dealing with the loss of a loved one in your life. She looks in depth at any blocks in your life and helps you find ways to overcome them so that you can live a full, abundant and spiritually happy life. She also is host of her own radio show "The Angelic Sprit" on A1R Psychic Radio LIVE every Monday night at 9:30 ET US

For more information about Colleen, please visit her website:

Dawn Drew


A gifted natural psychic-medium and Numerology Practitioner, Dawn is practiced in use of the Ancient Mayan Medicine Wheel-Of-Life with her readings offering much insight into what is ahead for you as well as what is holding you back.

Doreen D'Antonio

Animal Communication

During an Animal Communication reading, Doreen connects directly with your pet to ask the questions most important to you. Many times, your pet will also share what is on their mind. Information comes in the form of pictures, words, feelings, and knowings, all of which she will share with you. You will leave with a better understanding of your pet and a deeper insight into your animal’s behavior. In addition to direct communication with your loved pet, with permission, Doreen is able to scan your pet’s energy field, search for imbalances, and bring your pet back into its beautiful natural balance through energy work. This process restores balance to your pet and can provide comfort.

For more information about Doreen, please visit her website:

Eric Goldberg


Eric Goldberg is a conduit that channels and has been doing many forms of Readings for the past decade. Eric uses his gifts for profound healing, messages, removing blocks, and energy adjustments. Eric is also a psychic medium and has taught psychic development groups over the years.

Ethan Wasiejko


Ethan Wasiejko is a Psychic and a Medium, featured on Medium John Holland's radio show, "Spirit Connections.' During the summer of 2019, Ethan had open heart surgery to reconstruct his aortic valve. Throughout this process, Ethan experienced an epiphany that allowed him to understand his connection to spirit and the universe. The connection, stronger and even more profound than ever before, has allowed him to see that his purpose here is to help other people love themselves, make connections to those in spirit and beyond, and embrace the lives they are living in whatever way they can.

For more information about, please visit his website:

Judith Anne

Mediumship & Angels

Judith Anne is an experienced Psychic Medium. She specializes in communicating with loved-ones who have passed on to the spirit world and in reading the Akashic Records. She will also use her psychic abilities to assist you in gaining insight into aspects of your life where you feel you need the most guidance.

For more information about NAME, please visit her website:

Lisa Beaucher


Lisa is an intuitive empath who works with Mother Mary, Archangel Michael and the angelic realm. Her years of experience as a reader allows her to share readings from a unique perspective. A Certified Soma Sound Healer, Certified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner and a Reiki Master Teacher, Lisa also teaches Archangel classes, basic and advanced Numerology classes, as well as assists people who are working through grief.

For more information about Lisa, please visit her website:

Michelle Trahan


Michelle is an Empathic Psychic/Medium, Energy Worker and Spiritual Teacher. She was born with the ability to see Spirits, read people and feel energy. Though, she has always had these abilities, she did shut down to seeing Spirits. When Michelle turned 28 her spiritual team opened her up to all her abilities and that’s when she started training for her calling. She trained under Carol Hutchins, Lauren Rainbow and John Holland, along with a lot of self-teaching. Working with the Divine Mother and Ascended Masters, Michelle gives you the tools to use in everyday life.

For more information about Michelle, please visit her website:

Pauline Monteiro

Angels, Tarot & Mediumship

Pauline Monteiro is a born Seer, Empath and Medium whose readings are grounded in love and compassion. She is a spiritual teacher, healer and psychic medium who receives her information from clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience, and clairaudience. Pauline offers a variety of readings to provide healing, insight and spiritual perspective to life's situations: tarot, oracle, angel cards, aura and mediumship.

For more information about Pauline, please visit her Facebook Fan Page:

Renée Walsh


A Reading with Renée reveals your personal story giving you a greater depth of understanding and insight into some of your true soul’s purpose. Using her intuitive abilities and the Destiny system Renée assists her clients in gaining a much deeper perception of their own unique DNA blueprint, their own energy frequency. Providing much insight into how each of us are “wired” she empowers her clients with a new perspective as they discover some of the many opportunities, challenges and choices we face on a daily basis. Many of us chose to come here to help others as well as, at a soul level, to learn, to evolve and to grow. Discover some of the many unique gifts that are within you!

For more information about Renée, please visit

Rick Loomer


Rick Loomer is an intuitive empath who works with the angelic realm. His years of experience as a reader, EMT and grief facilitator allow him to share readings from a unique perspective. Rick is a Reiki Master Teacher, Qigong practitioner and Certified Grief Recovery Specialist. In addition to his grief recovery classes, Rick teaches interactive classes on self- healing, numerology and other metaphysical topics.

Sha Blackburn


A psychic intuitive healer, Sha - lovingly known as the Loon Witch - incorporates a variety of psychic tools including the tarot, runes, the pendulum and psychometry to help her clients transform their lives. An honest and insightful psychic who has been studying and practicing various forms of divination for over 30 years, she is also a Reiki Master, a Holistic Therapist certified in Reflexology, Acupressure, and Chinese Herbology.

For more information about Sha, please visit her website:

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