Healing Experiences for Your Pets

Provide relief for physical & emotional issues being experienced by your pet through this proprietary energy healing system.

Session Length: 30 Minutes
Price: $55

Provide relief for physical & emotional issues being experienced by your pet through this unique energy healing system.

Our pets are very sensitive to the energy of the world around them. In fact, they may be picking up on emotions you never would even consider would be a source of their “dis-ease”.

With Rover Reiki, developed by Kellie J. Lally, the universal energy that flows through all living things – including your pet – will be restored to a free-flowing state of balance, relieving both physical and emotional issues which can be causing pain and behavioral issues.

To begin the session, Kellie will first ask you to decide whether you'd like to focus the session solely on the providing energy healing for your pet or if you'd like to also get messages from your pet.

Once decided, she will connect with your winged or furry companions and intuitively gather a selection of crystals to be used during the session. With your pet's well-being uppermost in mind, these crystals will never be placed in the mouth and your pets are never left unattended.

Often during a Rover Reiki session, the Angels will also send messages regarding you and your pet. These messages are always supportive and provide you with additional guidance about what you can do to help your pet return to and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

If you have indicated that you also wish to get messages directly from your pet, Kellie will facilitate a conversation between the two of you, allowing you an opportunity to ask questions.

A Rover Reiki session may be experienced in-person or distantly dependent on your pet's circumstances.

PLEASE NOTE: It is not guaranteed that Kellie can connect with your pet to engage in animal communication between you and your pet. However, she is always the conduit for healing.

About Kellie J. Lally

Kellie is an angelic soul sharing pure joy and love through her divine connection with angels, ascended masters, and other divine beings of love & light. She has come to realize that her soul’s mission is to work with you and your spiritual team of angels to ensure you see yourself as the Divine Spark you are. Her lifelong experience communicating with animals coupled with her animal reiki experience evolved into her own special animal healing modality, Rover Reiki. Opening its doors in February of 2018, she is honored to be the guardian of Heaven & Earth, LLC.For more information about Kellie, please read her full bio.

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